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What is Functional Nutrition Coaching? Is it right for me?


There is a difference between fad diets and unrealistic exercise routines. These are very different in comparison to wanting a healthy lifestyle change. Functional Nutrition consultants bridge the gap and connect the dots by performing investigative work. It is the ideal and right approach for clients and consultants along with integrative functional providers to utilize, when faced with either complex or simple health issues that requires more detail and relatively more in-depth assessment.

It helps clients to distinguish between what their wants are in terms of temporary changes and what their needs are for permanent sustainable changes. As a coach, we assist in nutrition education, accountability.


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Having Trouble Finding a Nutritious Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

I choose to ask the the most difficult questions many doctors do not know how to answer. You may ask what’s the question, “Why?” Why does my body respond the way it does and produces either a positive or negative reaction? It is an earnest desire of mine to bring education and awareness to each and everyone on importance of food and nutrition.

Functional Nutrition Consultant: Denise Gordon

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