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Denise Gordon, Functional Nutrition Consultant

As a wife and mother of three, the challenges of feeding a family with multiple complex food sensitivities is never easy. I always prayed that I would find a way to heal myself and my family through food and nutrition. The inspiration to combat various health issues with food developed after realizing my health took a decline and standard medicine failed to resolve my conditions.


I grew up borderline sickly; however since the symptoms did not demonstrate dramatic “red flags,” they were typically ignored. So a visit to the doctor in my youth consists of Motrin, bandaid, and sleeping more. Nutrition was not introduced to me at an early age. It was not until after I married and joined my husband, who at the time was stationed oversees, that I became ill enough for a serious medical review and series of tests. This occurred while my husband served on a deployment with the US military. Over a period of 14 years, I became what felt like a lab experiment with various medications and tests with no real lasting results. After returning to the US, I met this amazing and wonderful practitioner who introduced me to a holistic path of healing. I decided to leave the medical care of the military doctors and sought care by way integrative medicine. My initial appointment was lengthy and in depth. I later found out that I have severe candidiasis and inflammation among other health concerns. With food and nutrition and of course dietary supplements, we were able to reverse many health issues and concerns that were red flagged.


Today, I can say that I am not on any prescribed medication. I choose to use food and nutrition to be the source of living a cleansed life. I choose to ask the the most difficult questions many doctors do not know how to answer. You may ask what’s the question, “Why?” Why does my body respond the way it does and produces either a positive or negative reaction? It is an earnest desire of mine to bring education and awareness to each and everyone on importance of food and nutrition. To bring awareness on how and when to asked the right questions, investigate, and how to conduct the process of elimination. Just know that we can achieve far more lasting and permanent results by practicing healthy diet and nutrition.


Be well.. be healed.. be cleansed for life!


 Denise Gordon
Functional Nutrition Consultant

Why Choose Me?

I often reflect back on my own family’s health journey. Nutrition has played a key role in our wellbeing. When all else have failed, what do you have to lose? The best thing that can happen is that, once you have completed your journey with your consultant, you will leave empowered, educated, and healthy. All of which will be permanent changes. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself. Let me help you become the BEST healthy version of you. Remember, being healthy controls your mind, your spirit, your emotions and your physical wellbeing. They all need each other to function efficiently.

The time, dedication and planning that is used to prepare for each individual client is not only unique but it is also never a “one size fits all” framework. My process involves patience, resiliency and results. I believe that it is important to take the time to understand all the information that is given to me and follow the breadcrumbs to get all the answers that are needed for successful results.

It is my desire to ensre that I utilize unique systems and frameworks that allows me to uncover the root causes for my clients who have gone everywhere and tried everything to no avail of success. The relationship between nutrition, human anatomy and physiology plays a vital role in the successful development and functionality of each system within our body. Yes, you guessed it; It is the art of science.  It’s not beneficial for me to treat and help my clients by offering a microwave compact system. I would like for you to have life changing results. Let me show you how.

Functional Nutrition Consultant: Denise Gordon

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