Lol I felt like I was starving although I was not feeling hungry just because of the quantity I usually eat. So today I packed my plate and to my surprise I just could not have it all, by the time I finished my small portion I was stuffed. So I guess I won’t turn back the clock  small portions more often. Healthy we seh.

Donna Thorpe-Walsh, Canada

This was a blessing. I have had a taste bud change and eliminated some things from
my diet. I even look at some foods and go yuk. It has helped me eat more veggies. I still have to try squash🤭l am hooked on fish, and l can’t eat a large amount because I get full quick. Glad l came down 3 pounds. Thank you WOG DENISE for this journey. May God’s blessings be upon you. Thank you for opening your kitchen and bless your helpers (pastor and your beautiful children)

Sandra Miller, Maryland

I absolutely enjoyed the challenge and it went by quick.It challenged me to try new foods in different ways and still have flavor. I already know what to not add back to out diet which is a great thing

Naomi Prince, Georgia

Overall I’ve enjoyed the challenge, I’ve definitely taken away some new recipes lol my cooking is becoming quite versatile 

Anatanae Whitaker, Georgia

This 21 days challenge helped me in knowing that I can still eat good but in a healthier way. I gained clarity on what foods and products were healthy for me. Best part of it all, I lost 4 pounds, my energy levels improved I didn’t feel as bloated. This challenge was not only a challenge but a great one for a healthy me. Thanks Denise

Ebonie Caswell, Texas

The 21- Day Health Challenge challenged you to think about what healthy meal you were going to prepare for either yourself or your family. Denise was hands on to encourage the group with healthy food/meal suggestions and as well as items to include in your meals for a more healthy approach

Karen Marsh, Georgia