What I Offer

Nutrition Consulting

Initial Nutrition Assessment:

  • 60-­‐min assessment and nutrition counselling session
  • Foundation to all nutrition packages and serves as the starting point for change
  • Careful review of your nutrition habits, your health and medical history, dietary supplements and medication use, exercise habits, lifestyle factors, and your nutrition, health, and weight-­‐management goals
  • Optional collection of your height, weight, and waist circumference to track your progress over time

Nutrition Makeover Package

Eat to be well. Learn the elements of good nutrition by reviewing a different aspect of your diet every 1 to 2 weeks to ensure you are eating a variety of vegetables, fruit, legumes, whole grains, fat dairy/non-dairy products, lean meats, fish and shellfish, and healthy fats. This package is ideal for those who want to lose weight by making healthy and sustainable changes to the way they eat or for those looking to clean up their eating habits to look and feel their best.

 Sports Nutrition

  • Nutrition appointments to help you achieve your sports performance goals

3 Month Weight Management Program

Working closely with a nutrition professional provides motivation, accountability, and support to help you stick with your goals. Frequent check in appointments and ongoing monitoring of your food journal and measurements provides a strong accountability component to this package.

Personalized Kitchen Nutrition Makeover

Book consultant for a 4 hour visit to receive: Kitchen and pantry overhaul and makeover with nutrition assessment, grocery shopping etc..

Get Healthy Couples Package

The Couples Package is perfect for couples who wish to make nutritional changes together. By working together to change household nutrition habits, both partners can benefit from the support of a Nutrition Consultant and each other.

Other Nutrition Guidance

Nutrition Re-Eval

This package, geared towards new and returning clients, allows you to check-­‐in with a qualified nutrition professional to have your diet and nutrient intake assessed for quality and adequacy. Working with a Registered Dietitian can help you determine where in your diet small changes can be implemented to help get back on track with healthy eating. Working together, create an action plan for change by setting specific, realistic, and achievable short-­‐ and long-­‐ term goals to steer you in a healthier direction.

Individualized 7-­‐ Day Meal Plan with Recipes & Grocery List:

Being structured and regimented can be beneficial to a healthy eating plan. To assist in the beginning stages of change, a consultant can help jump start your weight loss efforts by building a personalized 7 day meal plan, complete with a grocery list and all required recipes for the week.  There is never a one size fits all.

7-­‐ Day Healthy Dinner Package with Recipes & Grocery List

Our 7-day Healthy Dinner Packages provides a week’s worth of healthy supper ideas that are pre-planned by the nutrition consultant to offer you balanced nutrition while saving you time and energy.  Each Healthy Dinner Package comes complete with a grocery list and all required recipes for the week.

Custom Package

Don’t see a nutrition package that quite fits your needs? Email the consultant to

find out more information about building a custom package to best serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What are Functional Nutrition and Functional Medicine?

I am not a medical doctor; I do not claim to diagnose nor treat diseases. I provide education and maintenance to the body in its’ entirety with nutrition and lifestyle mediations.

Functional Nutrition is a field in nutrition that is dervied from Functional Medicine. Functional medicine focuses on the underlying factors that are causing various symptoms that are affecting your health. Functional Medicine and Nutrition take into account the symptoms you are experiencing and we investigate.  Once we have identified the root cause, a treatment plan is established specifically just for YOU. In functional medicine and nutrition there is no “one size fits all.” This is in contrast to Western Medicine.

What Happens during a visit to a Functional Nutritionist?

During your initial visit, which will last from 1 to 1.5 hours, the nutritionist will ask you questions about your medical history and personal lifestlye.

How do I pay for my visit?

Full payments are expected at each visit by cash or credit card.

Who can benefit from Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition?

Everyone can benefit from functional medicine and functional nutrition. Both working hand in hand can improve your health especially if you have chronic illnesses. Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition can also prevent future health conditions. Functional Nutrition is patient or client center based so that we are able to address individuals rounded and holistically, not just isolated symptoms.

Do you accept health insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance.


Routine office hours are Monday through Friday 9am – 7pm, however we do offer some evenings/Saturdays to accommodate varying work schedules. Call 912-342-3714 or use our contact form to schedule your appointment.

Functional Nutrition Consultant: Denise Gordon

Phone: (470) 326-0578

Website: celestialeatswellness.com